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E-learning solutions

We create engaging courses and beautiful websites to place them

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Denkwerken is your trusted go-to place for:

We make sure it is easy to reach out and receive advice, information on possibilities, best practices, information on our services or a quote. It is important that you can talk to a partner with no fuss without you getting billed right away. After an initial few contacts you know what you are getting and that the price is fair.

eLearning Content

You provide the information, we turn it into an engaging and interactive course. We will provide you with a ZIP-file containing the course in HTML5 with responsive design which is fully SCORM or TinCan compliant. You ask, we serve!

Managed Online Platform

You lack a platform/e-school to place your courses in? We can create a stunning platform for you to receive your students/employees in and offer your courses. Difficult you say to keep track of licences, managing the platform and the users, needing the technical know-how and what not? We will take all worries out of your hands.

Do you want more information, no strings attached?

Reach out with questions or requests you might have. We will be happy to talk to you and explain possibilities or give more background information.

What does this mean for my everyday needs?

The Course

With our eLearning Content service you can have all the courses you need.

The Online School

With our Managed Online Platform service we can build you an online school, shop, landing page or blog. Students can log on and continue where they left off and your representative can monitor and manage their progress.

Getting it Online

In a SaaS-solution we will fully handle all the requirements for you. We own the platform: pay for all licences, do the work and make resources available. We will make sure everything is hosted and running smoothly. Of course we won't share any data with third parties.

Management & Support

After everything is live on the internet there will be continuing management and support for you or your representative and technical support for your students regarding their interaction with the platform. That way you won't have to deal with extra work when somebody forgets their password or needs help navigating around the website.

Help your trainees to master knowledge

Digital automation

The products of Denkwerken are developed to make things easier both for you as for your users. More automated work that is less error prone. You want things fast and accurate. Combined with the advice and support you receive you can be assured your requirements are being met.

For your users things are great as well. Easy tools to help them learn and keep them on track in an easy and intuitive interface.

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Key eLearning Content features


Question types are plentyfull and include True/False, Likert Scale, Multiple Choice, Pick One, Multiple Response, Fill-in-the-Blank, Matching or Ranking items and more.


We incorporate the usage of states, variables, triggers and layers to make training responsive to users input.


We use the full spectrum of media types to provide dynamic engaging courses.

White label

We don’t put our logos everywhere. We make discrete products that fit your company’s style and respects your client base. This means a clean and beautiful design that meets your needs. For a visitor the platform looks and feels like it’s your own even though we are running it.

We can build all our products to your preference and ensure the platform will look professional and in line with for instance your main website.

SaaS Solution

SaaS means as much as, we own, develop, maintain, update and manage (including user support) on your behalf. This generally means you have no concerns with answering technical user questions, requests regarding GDPR data retrieval or deletion, hiring a DPO, writing Privacy Statements, Disclaimers, Cookie Statements and other things. Just a simple carefree solution with all the fees in a simple monthly payment. Did we mention we include the different software licences as part of the Managed Online Platform? No need for you to start third party contracts to have all the functionality you need in your platform. When we host it, we keep it running. We work with you.

Key Managed Online Platform features


Within our platform we set up certain roles to have access to enhanced reporting tools where teachers can find the progress and performance of their students.


Get the tools if you want to sell courses with no work. We can design and setup a webshop and create sellable products based on the courses already on the platform.


Automatically have certificates issued to your students once they have successfully completed a course, lesson or exam. Certificates will be available for download or send through email.

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When you join us in any capacity you can expect fast, thorough and friendly support. From the start we were inspired to be a people company stripped from ego, clutter and avoidance behavior. You will never have to feel like you are asking too many or unnecessary questions. Our support will show patience and friendliness. Would you like to try us out?


We run a tight ship. No task gets drowned in the everyday operation. Even though we assist multiple clients you would not just be ‘another’ one. All communications gather in our dashboard from where we assist all our clients and also the students.