Managed Online Platform

You need a place to offer your new course(s)? We can supply you with a clean and performant website / e-school. You won’t have to run it yourself, invest in server management, user management, hosting fees or licences. We’ve got you covered back to front. With our SaaS we will build you a web application / e-school and host it from our own servers. We will take care of everything down to the user support on technical issues. And we keep your data private, no sharing, no shady stuff.

What is a web application?

A web application is basically any sort of functionality, as for instance offered by a regular software application, but served from a web server as part of a web site. Visitors can thus use this functionality through their web browser. As we develop e-schools most of the core parts are interactive web applications. We tend to use the terms ‘website’ and ‘web application’ indiscriminately but essentially they are different. Think: a website exists of static pages, web applications offer interactive and dynamic (non-static) pages.

We at Denkwerken researched many web applications to see how, in which combination, and with which adaptations they offer the best solutions for the needs we aim to serve. We look for instance at (but not limited to) functionalities such as:

  • webshop
  • interactive courses
  • student progress overview
  • student progress monitoring
  • automatic certification
  • email feedback
  • support tickets

The end result is a fully customized online solution manually themed to your preference. We listen to your needs and try to accommodate where possible.

Your needs are key

It all starts with your requirements and preferences. We see ourselves as a partner working with you to find good solutions. You can expect full attention and dedication. No quick replies from an anonymous support desk that does not have interest at heart.

We will go through the entire process with you together so you are not alone. And again, our attention does not stop at delivery but will continue as long as you are with us. You can find more information on how we work below.

Only custom work

When we work for you we design everything from the ground up. We do not offer a simple account into our already existing platform where your courses can quickly be uploaded. Instead we buy a domain name and create a separate section on our own server where we design and build a new separate website for you to benefit from. This means we can take many functional- and design requirements into consideration

Managed Online Platform

So you have acquired a course. The next step is to consider what you want to do with it. In the simplest form you could offer it as a stand-alone file. Students can open the course and read through it. But what if you want students to be able to:

  • track their progression
  • come back and continue where they left off
  • have an account with all their courses listed
  • earn certificates automatically
  • Use the course from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Or moreover, what if you want to be able to have:

  • teacher roles to monitor and supervise students
  • sell courses
  • have a higher level of automation
  • run reports
Managed Online Platform 1

Now you need a system behind the course to enable all these functions. This system is a web application specialised to run, manage and supervise learning. Often it is called ‘LMS’ or Learning Management System. Kind of similar to the idea of a CMS or Content Management System.

We are

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Isn't that nice?!

Your data is safe

Since we do everything ourselves and build specifically to your needs your data, and your users data, is separate from other clients. All data resides with one party alone: Denkwerken. You data will not be all over the internet with several providers. It’s a good feeling to know your data will not be sold. Are you interested in reading our terms and condition explaining this in more detail?

Automation is paramount

We always try to come up with a solution that will evoke as few as questions or challenges with the students as possible and is as automatic as possible. We understand you want a website that works for you, not the other way around. Clear instructions, offering tools to make students self-reliant and have standard tasks executed automatically all help us to that goal.

Do you have specific tasks you wonder about if it can be made easier for you? Be sure to let us know!