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Our company is a hive for people who seek help or solutions with their e-learning needs

The name Denkwerken originates from the Dutch language and can be explained in two ways:

denk / english: think / Adjective / [ˈdɛŋk]

~ relating to, requiring, or stimulating thinking *

werken / english: to work / Verb / [ˈwɛrkə(n)]

~ to perform or carry through a task requiring sustained effort or continuous repeated operations *

It roughly translates to ‘Thinkworking’ and describes performing a task with the help of thinking.

denkwerk / english: brainwork / Noun / [ˈdɛŋkwɛrk]

~ deliberate, purposeful, or disciplined mental activity *

So it translates to ‘Brainworks’ (plural) and describes a collection of deliberate mental activities. In our interpretation these activities refer to the learning that needs to be done to acquire knowledge.

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