Respecting people and society

As a company we stand by our core values. They help us to focus and decide on where to go and what to do. In order to cultivate a good working atmosphere it is important to be clear about the things we strive for as a company so all people involved know the framework in which they operate.


We aim for a paperless office and the usage of green and CO2 neutral energy for our hosting solutions. We only use renewable office supplies where possible.

Fair business

Honest prices for honest work with respect for licences, copyrights and ownership. The best deals work both ways and respect all party’s stakes. We offer transparency and do not hide behind conditions.

People focussed

A philosophy were people work together to find mutual benefits. It’s not all about ‘the bottom line’. We stimulate cooperation and growth. We choose not to become an anonymous channel of communication but instead celebrate and stimulate interpersonal contact where everybody feels important as they are.


An understanding that the end result should be about making a positive contribution to society as a whole. Any progress of one party should never disadvantage another. If possible, it should help them further as well. We seek to connect with companies and people from the local region as well as from different regions around the work. This is also why we operate in three languages: Dutch (our local language) and English and Spanish which both connect us to large populations throughout the world.


This should go without saying, but equality is a cornerstone for respect between people. People are not the same – each person brings their own unique qualities to the table – but intrinsically equal no matter your race, color of skin, sexual identity or orientation, or nationality.


We strive for quality and modern technologies yet remain informal and easily approachable.